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Breakfast & After School Club

The Cale Green Breakfast Club is now well established and is very popular with children and staff.

If you would like your child to come to Breakfast Club please bring your child in and complete a form. Signing the form does not mean that your child has to attend Breakfast Club every day! Children may come once a week, once a term or every day but written permission from parents/carers is necessary for all.

Breakfast Club opens at 7.45am and children enter from the hall door. Children from Nursery to Year 4 inclusive will need to be signed in by an adult. Children from Year 5 and Year 6 will be able to register themselves. Food is served until 8.20am. Children must stay inside until 8.40am when they will move to their classrooms..

The Breakfast Club Team will supervise the children at Breakfast Club but parents and carers are more than welcome to come along and join us for breakfast too. When the children have finished eating, they are then able to enjoy a wide variety of activities.

Children using Breakfast Club will be charged a flat rate of £1.00 per child per day and payment needs to be made, at a least one week in advance, on ParentPay.

There will be no charge for children in receipt of Pupil Premium.

We will continue with our school policy of never turning a child away from Breakfast Club if they haven’t got any money or if they haven’t had breakfast at home!

Children in Nursery eligible for 30 hours free childcare may use the Breakfast Club as part of their entitlement. However, this will need booking in half-termly blocks. Please contact Mrs Campbell, in the school office, for further details.

Cale Green Afterschool Club runs every day from 3.15pm -6.00pm and until 5.45pm on Fridays. The cost of Afterschool Club is £7.00 per session. Please come into the main school office to complete an register form.  Children from Nursery – Year 6 can attend Afterschool Club.

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