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Monday 22nd June 2020

Expanding School Provision

We have been working since the Prime Minister’s announcement on May 10th to agree the best approach to expand provision for Year 6, Year 1 and Reception and Nursery children.

We are determined to work together with you to bring the children back to a safe and secure school which is well-ordered and with clearly understood routines. This is a new way for all of us and some parts of school life will look very different for the time being. We will introduce these new arrangements gently and sensitively to the children.

We have looked at many different options and have been flexible and open to suggestions and to change. We recognise that there will be uncertainty and worry and all our plans have been designed to create as much safety as possible.

Some of these arrangements will almost certainly change over time as we learn and respond from our daily experiences of children, families and staff beginning to come together in larger groups.

We would like to say a huge thank you to all our families and children. We know that all of you have had to cope with enormous challenges, but through everything, you have supported the school and each other in the most amazing ways. Well done everyone!

We have remained open every day for the children of key workers and vulnerable children and we would like to thank our fantastic staff team who have all worked at school and who have also worked from home to support learning and welfare every day. We are immensely proud of the ‘Cale Green Team’!

Opening Timetable

If your child is in Nursery / Reception / Year 1 or Year 6 we need to know by Wednesday 3rd June if you intend for your child to return. This is your choice and will not be considered as unauthorised absence. We will contact you or you can email:


The opening pattern will remain the same as that sent to you on Tuesday 18th May:

  • The school will continue to remain open to key worker and vulnerable children
  • School will reopen to Year 6 children on Wednesday 10th June
  • School will reopen to Year 1 children on Monday 15th June
  • Reception and Nursery children in Mrs Adie’s class on Monday 22nd June
  • Mrs Knox' Nursery class on Thursday 25th June 
  • Year 2 / Year 3 / Year 4 / Year 5 will not return to school before 1st July at the earliest depending on government advice

Teaching Groups

There will be temporary teaching groups of no more than 15 children in each group. Children may not be with their usual class teacher and will stay in this group. Each group has a trained first aider.

  • Year 6 will initially be taught by Mrs Lewis and Mrs Beecham – if this group goes above 15 children then Mrs Harding and Mrs Walsh will also take a Year 6 group.
  • Year 1 will initially be taught by Mrs Cronshaw and Mrs Lee – if this group goes above 15 children then Miss Bayley and Mrs Hammami will also take a Year 1 group and if necessary Mrs Ingham / Mrs Pijoan and Miss Shaw will take a group.
  • Reception children will initially be taught by Mrs Phillips and Mrs Baldwin – if this group goes above 15 children then Mrs Cartwright and Mrs Fox will also take a Reception group and if necessary Miss Best and Miss Shaw will take a group.
  • Nursery children will be taught by Mrs Adie and Mrs Maddocks on a Monday and Tuesday and Mrs Knox and Mrs Buckley on a Thursday and Friday.
  • Key worker children will continue to be taught by Miss Falconer and Miss Latimer and Miss Harris and Mrs Waring. Children who have been in school as part of the keyworker group may return to their classes at the start of this process. After that, any children who attend the key worker group will remain with that group at all times.

In the event of staff absence these groups may change. This approach is designed to give us maximum flexibility in terms of cleaning, staffing, use of classrooms and to reduce the numbers of staff onsite to support infection control.

Social ‘Bubbles’:

Each teaching group of up to 15 will also be split into 2 or 3 ‘social bubbles’ of up to 6 children. We will use our knowledge of the children’s friendships and will ask the children what ‘bubble’ they want to belong to. At playtimes and lunchtimes the children will be encouraged to play just with the other children from this group – using their own resources so as to minimise social contact and control infection.

Home Learning

Home learning for those children not attending school will continue. Over the coming weeks home learning will be developed further and will replicate wherever possible the range of learning taking place in school. A ’virtual’ online whole school assembly will also take place using ‘Google Meet’ each week.

Pre-existing Health Conditions / Medical Matters

If you suspect your child has any form of illness they must not be brought to school.

If you are unsure if your child should attend school due to theirs or a family members health condition please contact us so that we can discuss the details with you.

Pre-existing Health Conditions:

Families with children with pre-existing health conditions such as asthma and diabetes should contact their doctor before returning as these children are at a higher risk.

All families with children returning who have asthma must contact the school before your child attends to arrange a handover of a spare set of all medication / spacers.

Clinically Vulnerable Children / Family Members:

We have contacted families where we know children or family members are clinically extremely vulnerable or clinically vulnerable. If you or a family member is in either of these two categories please contact school.

Children / Staff with COVID-19 Symptoms:

Any child with a temperature, cough or other COVID-19 symptoms will be isolated from the other children and must be collected from school immediately. This also applies to any staff.

The child / staff member will not be able to return to school for 7 days and family members must self-isolate for 14 days. This national guidance may change with the introduction of ‘test and trace’:


Classroom Organisation / Movement around School

The classrooms will look very different. In each classroom (apart from Early Years) the children will sit at their own table, in rows, with their coat on the back of their chair, resources on the side of the table and lunchboxes on the floor next to them.

In the Early Years we have changed the layout of the classrooms and reduced the range, number and type of resources so as to prevent infection as far as possible.

Corridors and doorways will be marked with tape and signs and the children will be shown which way they should move around school and how to do so as safely as possible.

Staggered School Day

It is vital that we maintain social distancing both outside and inside school as far as possible. Parents and other visitors will not be able to come on to the school site. Sadly, face-to-face conversations between staff and parents will be limited and appointments will need to made to arrange any meetings. Contact with the school office is to be made by phone or email.

All drop-offs and collections will be at three school gates and at different times. Children will not be allowed to enter at any other gate at any other time. Only one adult should accompany your child to school.

If a child leaves school during the day for an appointment then they will only return to school the following day.

Staggered Start / Finish Times and Locations:

  • Year 6: Main Entrance gate on Shaw Road South - 8.45am / 3.00 pm
  • Key worker group: Main Entrance gate on Shaw Road South - 9.00am / 3.15 pm
  • Year 1: Meyer Street gate - 9.00am / 3.00 pm
  • Reception: Green Street gate - 9.15am / 2.45pm
  • Nursery: Meyer Street gate - 9.15 am / 2.45pm

Staggered Playtimes / Playground Zones:

All classes will have playtimes at different times during the day and the children will play in separate zones.  All children will also have an extended morning and afternoon break.

Staggered Lunchtimes / School Meal Provision:

There will be 2 lunch settings.  Children will have their lunch in the classrooms but wherever possible we will eat outside in the ‘social bubbles’. The children will remain in their separate zones in the playground:

  • Nursery / Reception / Key worker group: 11.30am – 12.15pm
  • Year 1 / Year  6: 12.15pm – 1.00pm

Children who have a free school meal will be provided with a hot ‘grab bag’. Children with packed lunches should bring theirs to school as usual. Children who pay for a school meal will have a ‘grab bag’ too.

We are awaiting clarification of the guidance about school meal vouchers. Returning to school will impact on this but it is unclear how. We will update you as soon as possible with this information.

Snacks / drinks:

In the Reception and Nursery classes the children will be given a snack. However, in Year 1 / Year 6 the school will not be providing bagels / fruit / milk (although this may change after the first weeks).

Children should bring a water bottle to school with them. Water bottles must only contain water and can be refilled during the day. They must be taken home every day.

Uniform / School Bags / Equipment

As we are encouraging as much learning as possible to take place outdoors we would like the children to wear sports kit and training shoes – no sandals please. Clearly label everything! The children will be unable to bring their PE kit in a separate bag as the cloakrooms will be closed. 

There will be no requirement for the children to wear school uniform. The children can wear a school sweatshirt or polo shirt (if it still fits!) if they want to.

All clothes should be washed following a day at school. Anything that can’t be machine washed should be avoided.

In colder weather please ensure your child has a waterproof, warm coat / jumper / etc. All the classroom windows will be open every day so it could get a little colder than usual. In warmer weather please make sure your child wears long sleeves, has sun-cream applied before school and if at all possible wears a hat.

Bags other than lunch boxes should not be brought to school - no further equipment / books / toys / etc can be brought to school from home. Children’s work or reading books will not be sent home.

Hygiene / Cleaning

The children will continue to be taught good hygiene processes. The children will wash their hands on entry to school, after each visit to the toilet and the playground and at least each hour.

There will be a non-contact hand wash dispenser outside each classroom and each classroom will have wipes, tissues and cleaning materials.

There will be strict and enhanced cleaning procedures.  Two members of staff will be additional cleaners during the day and the caretaking timetable has changed. Cleaning staff and Teaching Assistants will clean high frequency contact areas such as door handles, bannisters, desks, chairs and equipment throughout the day. All resources will be thoroughly cleaned at the end of the day and there will be additional toilet cleaning.

The Nursery classroom will be closed for a thorough clean each Wednesday as two classes will use this room at the beginning and end of the week.

Breakfast Club / After School Club

Sadly, there will be no before or after school care. Staff have been reallocated to different roles and to ensure social distancing the children must not be with other children from outside their class / ‘social bubble’.

Together we have worked to create a range of common sense and practical measures to manage the challenge of extending school provision. We all share this challenge, we are all in this together and we all have our children, their families, our staff and their families’ safety and health at the heart of all these decisions.

We hope that you feel reassured that we have taken all possible steps to ensure the safety of children and staff at Cale Green. However, we fully support any family who decides to keep their child at home and we will continue to provide home learning for all children.

These plans will be reviewed regularly and in response to further government instruction / guidance.

Yours sincerely,

K. Irshad

Chair of Governors

S. Dunkley

Vice Chair of Governors

David Marshall





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