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School Development Plan 2022 2023

Our School Development Plan contains a wealth of information assessing how well we are performing as a school, what our long term strategic priorities are and details of activities that we are undertaking to help improve provision during this academic year. We welcome parents to look at this and feedback any comments or thoughts they have about this plan either through our feedback form on the website or verbally to us. 

The 5 priorities are listed below:  

Closing any identified attainment gaps between the most and least disadvantaged and all pupils nationally.

Develop the quality of teaching in phonics, early reading and spelling for all teachers and teaching assistants

Increase the numbers of children achieving scaled score of 100+ at the end of Key Stage 2

Reset / review and re-establish the school workforce 

Evidence-based research period to start to develop a knowledgeable understanding of the process of joining a Multi Academy Trust

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