Learning and Living Together


Headteacher Mr D. Marshall
Deputy Headteacher Mrs S. McHugh
Nursery Mrs C. Knox / Mrs E. Adie
Reception Miss H. Cartwright / Miss S. Phillips
Year 1/2 Miss  M. Bayley / Mrs. M Cronshaw/ Miss E Best
Year 3/4 Miss J. Harris / Miss E. Falconer/ Mrs S McHugh/ Mrs S Pijoan
Year 5 Mrs C. Harding/ Miss E Brown
Year 6 Mrs N.Lewis
Intervention Teacher Mrs S.Ingham
Learning Support Service Mrs A. Ball
School Business Manager Mrs K. Horrabin
Administration Manager Mrs H.Campbell
Family Support Worker Ms G. Rogers
Bilingual Learning Mentor Mrs T. Ijaz
Foundation Stage Teaching Assistants Miss T. Swanwick (3 days)

Mrs J. Baldwin, Miss S. Maddocks

Teaching Assistants Mrs L.  Lee

Mrs M. Beecham

Mrs J. Hammami

Mrs D.  Waring

Miss  J. Shaw

Mrs D. Fox

Mrs C. Walsh

Teaching Assistant with Bilingual Skills Mrs S. Yousef* (2.5 days) 
Caretaker Mr D. McCallion
Cleaner Mrs M. Theodoridou
School Cook Mrs T. Maxted
Kitchen Assistant Mrs S. Cullineine/ Miss P. Galtry
Breakfast Club

Mrs C. Walsh/ Miss A. Rogers/ Mrs S. Buckley 

After School Club Mrs K. Thomas/ Mrs A. Sargeant/ Miss A. Rogers/ Mrs. S Buckley



Midday Assistants Mrs K. Thomas
Mrs P. Williams/ Mrs S.  Buckley
Mrs A. Sargeant/ Miss A. Rogers 
School Crossing Patrols Mrs D. Evans
School Nurse Mrs L. Donnegan

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