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“The behaviour and safety of pupils are outstanding … behaviour, courtesy and attitudes to learning are exemplary. The leadership and management are outstanding … all pursue excellence resolutely ” Ofsted, October 2012


Dear Parents / Carers,

On behalf of everyone at Cale Green may I extend a warm welcome to you and your child!

Cale Green is a vibrant, truly comprehensive school with children from a wide range of different backgrounds, reflecting the diverse community found in the Cale Green and Davenport area.

At Cale Green we believe that a strong partnership between home and school is the foundation for a successful education. Children need to feel secure and happy in order to learn, therefore it is vital that good relationships between home and school are maintained.

We have high standards and we always ask the children to ‘do their best’ whether it is in lessons or by trying to be the best person and friend that they can be. We also stress the importance of politeness and good manners.

We know that every child who comes to Cale Green has something unique and valuable to contribute and our role is to encourage each child to fulfil their potential by becoming actively involved in all aspects of school life.

We believe that children learn best from first-hand experience and we have developed a very wide range of ‘enrichment’ and ‘engagement’ activities, from visits to museums and galleries, residential activity holidays and visitors into school. We want to create a life-long love of learning that isn’t just restricted to school!

Cale Green is an ‘Extended School’ and we run daily Breakfast and After-School Clubs. We also hold a range of activities for parents and families including art and craft sessions, ESOL classes and weekly ‘Baby and Toddler’ and ‘Mini-Movers’ pre-school groups.

Please accept our invitation to come along and see for yourself the wide and varied learning opportunities we offer and the caring and stimulating educational environment where learning is a positive and enjoyable experience.

Further information about the school is contained in the School Profile which is available at

Yours sincerely,

Mr. D.Marshall
Head teacher