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Art & Design at Cale Green Primary School

Art & Design at Cale Green Primary school allows the children to explore and express their lived experiences, thoughts and ideas in a range of exciting and creative ways.  Our children have the opportunity to develop their potential through learning the skills, and gaining an understanding of, Art & Design as a discrete practice within a broad and balanced, rich and relevant curriculum.

Our Art & Design curriculum has been designed and sequenced in a way that allows children to develop skills within drawing, painting, collage, sculpture and digital art throughout their time at Cale Green.  We encourage the children to be ambitious in their choices and experiment with a wide variety of media alongside teaching them an understanding of the elements of art; value, colour, line, form, shape, space, texture and medium/media. Giving children the vocabulary to discuss theirs and others’ art work forms a key part of our Art & Design curriculum.

As well as exploring Art & Design in the classroom, we provide the children with opportunities to work with local artists and within local art spaces such as Z-Arts. This allows us to enrich the children’s experiences to further their understanding of Art & Design within a wider context, and progresses their personal development in creativity, independence, judgement and self-reflection.

The wide range of Art & Design (and artists and designers) that we learn about and explore reflects the comprehensive and diverse nature of our school; all of which prepares them for life in Britain.

Teachers are given an element of freedom in their choices of artists and designers within a discipline to allow their own skills and knowledge to shine in their planning and delivery of lessons.



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