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Pupil Acceptable Use Policy for Key Stage 2 Spring 2021

Pupil Acceptable Use Agreement – Key Stage 2

For Parents:

Digital technologies have become integral to the lives of children and young people, both within schools and outside school. These technologies are powerful tools, which open up new opportunities for everyone. These technologies can stimulate discussion, promote creativity and stimulate awareness of context to promote effective learning. Young people should have an entitlement to safe internet access at all times.

This Acceptable Use Agreement is intended to ensure:

  • That young people will be responsible users and stay safe while using the internet and other digital technologies for educational, personal and recreational use.
  • That school systems and users are protected from accidental or deliberate misuse that could put the security of the systems and will have good access to digital technologies to enhance their learning and will, in return, expect the pupils to agree to be responsible users.

For Children:

Acceptable Use Agreement

I understand that I must use school systems in a responsible way, to ensure that there is no risk to my safety or to the safety and security of the systems and other users.

For my own personal safety:

  • I will ask permission from a teacher before using any technology devices.
  • I understand that the school will monitor my use of the systems, devices and digital communications.
  • I will keep my username and password safe and secure – I will not share it, nor will I try to use any other person’s username and password. I understand that I should not write down or store a password where it is possible that someone will steal it.
  • I will be aware of “stranger danger”, when I am communicating on-line.
  • I will not share personal information about myself or others when on-line (this could include names, addresses, email addresses, telephone numbers, age, gender, educational details, financial details etc )
  • If I arrange to meet people off-line that I have communicated with on-line, I will do so in a public place and take an adult with me.
  • I will immediately report any unpleasant or inappropriate material, messages, or anything that makes me feel uncomfortable when I see it on-line. 
  • I will not access other people’s files or send pictures of anyone without their permission.
  • I understand that the school systems and devices are for educational use and that I will not use them for personal or recreational use unless I have permission.
  • When I am using the internet to find information, I will check that the information is accurate.
  • I will not use the school systems or devices for on-line gaming, on-line gambling, internet shopping, file sharing, or video broadcasting (e.g. YouTube).
  • I will be polite and responsible when I communicate with others, I will not use inappropriate language and I understand that it is ok for others to have different opinions from me.
  • I understand that if I do not follow the Acceptable Use Agreement I may not be allowed to use any technology devices in school and my parents/carers may be contacted.

I have read and understand the above and agree to follow these guidelines when:

  • I use the school systems and devices (both in and out of school)
  • I use my own equipment out of the school in a way that is related to me being a member of this school e.g. communicating with other members of the school, accessing school email, website etc.


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