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Sun Safety

                                       Sun Protection Policy

                                       Summer 2024           


At Cale Green Primary School, we acknowledge the importance of sun protection and want staff and pupils to enjoy the sun safely.


Sun exposure in the first 15 years of life can contribute significantly to the lifetime risk of skin cancer. Schools are in an important position to help protect children’s skin because:


  • children are at school 5 out of 7 days a week at times when UV rays are high
  • most damage due to sun exposure occurs during the school years
  • schools can play a significant role in changing behaviours through role modelling and education
  • children and teachers are at risk of sunburn within 10-15 minutes of being exposed to strong sunlight
  • children spend an average of 1.5 hours outside per school day – more, if involved in sports and outdoor activities
  • the development of skin cancer in later years is largely preventable through behaviour modification and sun protection during early years




School will undertake the following measures to ensure sufficient sun protection for children and staff:




  • Children and staff are encouraged to wear protective clothing during the summer term. School uniform is made from fabrics with a close weave, and includes polo shirts, longer style dresses and shorts. PE kit includes the requirement for t-shirts to be worn; no vest style tops are permitted.
  • Children are asked to wear wide-brimmed hats (6-10 cm) that protect their face, neck and ears, when they are outside in hot, sunny weather.
  • Sunglasses may be worn to protect eyes when in bright light.




  • Covering up and seeking shade are the most important sun protection measures. In addition, sunscreen can provide protection to exposed skin. However, sunscreen should not be used to increase the amount of time spent in the sun.
  • Pupils are encouraged to apply sunscreen before school starts – SPF 20 or above
  • Staff will not be able to apply sunscreen to pupils during the school day but may supervise self-application




  • School ensures that there are sufficient areas of shelter and tree cover to provide shade in the school grounds, particularly in areas where pupils congregate.
  • The availability of shade is a consideration when planning excursions and outdoor activities, as part of the risk assessment process.
  • Children are encouraged to make use of available shaded areas when outside.


The role of staff


School staff are encouraged to act as role models for sun safety by:


  • wearing protective hats, clothing and sunglasses when outside with children
  • applying SPF 20+ broad spectrum, water resistant sunscreen
  • seeking shade wherever possible
  • families and visitors are encouraged to use a combination of these sun protection measures when attending and participating in outdoor activities
  • where possible, outdoor activities will be scheduled before 11am or after 3pm
  • encourage parents to support the school by acting as role models and providing protection for their children
  • maintaining a positive approach to sun protection strategies to be fun, involve everyone, and provide choices
  • developing resources on sun safety in the school library


Mrs Sarah McHugh 


Summer 2024

To be reviewed Summer 2025




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