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The Cale Green Challenge

Every child is challenged to complete a range of tasks throughout their time at Cale Green Primary School. 

This includes learning to tie your shoelaces to jumping in a muddy puddle. Lots of the tasks are designed to be able to complete at home whilst some will be completed in school time. 

There is no rush to finish all the tasks - it's not a race! 

When your child has completed 10 tasks they have completed Challenge 1. They will be awarded a Kingy 'the kind' kangaroo badge to wear on their school jumper. 

To get Challenge 2, children must complete a further 10 tasks to get the Cohen 'caring for the community' chimpanzee badge. 

Challenge 3 requires the children to complete another 15 tasks. This will get them an Impy 'the inclusive' iguana badge. 

Challenge 4 requires the children to complete a further 20 tasks. This will get them an Asha 'the inspirational' aardvark badge. 

Lastly, to achieve Challenge 5 - the Raz 'the resilient' rhino badge, children must complete another 25 tasks.  

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