Learning and Living Together

Roles and Responsibilities

Dear Parents, Carer’s, Friends of Cale Green and children,

Firstly, I’d like to welcome back our children and their families/ carer’s after a rather chilly but lovely break over Easter. Now we are back in school and alongside the children and staff, all members of your Governing Board are ready for the challenges and celebrations of the coming term and look forward to meeting many of you in school.


I am truly delighted to be serving my second term in office as Chair of your Governing Board; for Cale Green is a truly comprehensive primary school, where each of our children and their uniqueness is valued. As a fully inclusive school, the school represents a diverse community, where strong relationships between pupils, adults and the wider community are valued and central to the work of the Governing Board.


Teaching at Cale Green ensures that every child’s unique qualities are recognised and nurtured in order that they achieve the highest academic success and are fully prepared to take their place in modern British society, as resilient citizens, with the highest of aspirations and a life long love of learning. To achieve this and to enable children to flourish at Cale Green, the Governing Board supports the school through active governance. This means that every member of your Governing Board is committed to offering both challenge and support to the Head, the Senior Leadership Team and the wider school; holding the school to account for the impact of its actions, including financial provision and planning and in actively promoting the health, safety and well-bring of the children.


I continue to feel proud and privileged to be involved in school life, in the widest sense possible, so if you see me in and around school, please do say hello.

So, here’s to a fantastic term ahead, with busy, active, stimulated learners and our amazing and dedicated staff and volunteering team


Warmest wishes,
Chair of Governors,

Cale Green Primary School.

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