Learning and Living Together


At Cale Green Primary School there are many opportunities for children, parents and staff to have their ‘voice’ heard. Democracy is central to how we operate.

We have an active School Council and an Eco Council. The children who want to represent their class are selected by their peers through a process of making speeches and giving presentations to their peers and the whole school in a special assembly. The children consider the qualities which are important for an elected representative and describe why they have them.

The children on the School Council have real decisions to make. These have included choosing the type of playground equipment and the type of reading scheme books we have in school. They have met with the architects to put forward their ideas for a new building and regularly meet with governors. They act as ambassadors for the school and often help to show visitors around.

Children on the School Council also help decide which charities to support and how they will be supported.

At the beginning of each school year every class agrees its own aims and vision statement. This is drawn up and shared with the other children and parents. It is then displayed in the classroom throughout the year and revisited at the end before moving on to their next class.

Children are always listened to by adults and are taught to listen carefully and with concern to each other respecting the right of every individual to have their opinions and voices heard. We encourage children to take ownership not only of our school but also of their own learning and progress. This encourages personal and social responsibility and is demonstrated daily by the children of our school.

Each term a special ‘Active Citizens Award’ is presented to those children who have made a particular contribution to the life of the school.

Rules and laws

The importance of rules and laws, including those that govern our school or country, are referred to and reinforced regularly through assemblies and when reflecting on appropriate behaviour choices.

At the start of each school year, each class discusses reviews and signs the Cale Green Code. This set of principles about school life was previously drawn up by the children and it clearly articulates what is expected of and from the children. The code is clearly understood by all and seen to be necessary to ensure that every class member is able to learn in a safe and ordered environment.

The Cale Green Code

We always do our best to:

• treat everyone and everything with respect

• listen and follow instructions carefully

• be safe and sensible

• be responsible for our own actions

Pupils are taught the value and reasons behind laws. They understand that laws govern and protect us and understand the responsibilities that this involves and t

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