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Personal, Social and Health Education at Cale Green Primary School

At Cale Green we continue to teach Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) so that all our children are fully prepared for life in modern British society and so that they can all achieve their full potential. PSHE contributes to our broad and balance school curriculum.

PSHE helps the children to understand their own lives, as well as the wider world around them, contributing to their future role in employment, as parents, their health and well-being and their safety and protection.

In a primary school with such a ‘comprehensive’ intake such as ours, where the children come from a wide range and social and cultural backgrounds, it is vital that we explore the issues which will enable each child to recognise their own unique worth as an individual as well as celebrating the similarities and understanding the differences between us.

We have a scheme of work for PSHE. This is supported by resources from the Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning curriculum (SEAL), the Local Authority ‘Spiral’ curriculum for Relationships and Sex Education (RSE), the Local Authority ‘Spiral’ curriculum for Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco Education (DATE), the NSPCC and LGBT Northwest.

Wherever possible lessons are ‘interactive’. They involve discussion, role play, and question and answer sessions, ‘hot seating’ and ‘Circle Time’.

Parents are informed each term of the contents of the RSE lessons for that term. The staff are always willing to discuss the contents of the lessons with parents. When sensitive issues are discussed the children use an ‘Ask-It Basket’ system. Where sensitive resources are planned to be used staff also invite parents in to school to view them before-hand.

Links with other subjects (especially Science) are made wherever possible.

Our PSHE curriculum makes a unique contribution to the school life of the children as part of their learning journey which will prepare them for the opportunities and responsibilities of adult life.



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