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Promoting Mental Health and Well-Being

Promoting mental health and Well-being

As a nation, we know that more and more school children are struggling to cope with their mental health. We now know that good mental health is fundamental to be able to thrive in life. If we’re not tackling mental health problems early, then we risk failing the next generation right at the start of their lives.

As a result of this understanding, Cale Green Primary School pupils will learn that mental health and wellbeing is a normal part of daily life and why simple self-care – like getting enough sleep and spending time outdoors and with friends – is important. Children will understand that mental health is not extra-curricular. 

This will go hand-in-hand with content on nutrition, the importance of staying active, and recognising the early signs of physical illness – ensuring pupils understand how mental and physical health are linked.

At Cale Green, children will also be taught age-appropriate online safety – including what to do if they come across things they are uncomfortable with, the importance of respect for others even when posting anonymously, and the risks of talking to people on the internet that they don’t know in real life.

In addition, they will learn how important it is that spending time online doesn’t get in the way of exercising, getting enough sleep, or being an active part of their community.

In school, we have a number of additional adults who are able to support children and their families with mental health and well-being matters: 

  • Ms Gill Rogers, our Child and Family Support worker
  • Mrs Jess Hammami, our Emotional Literacy Support worker (ELSA) 
  • Ms Mariola Drewniak, Educational Health Practitioner, workiing in Stockport Mental Health Support Team


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