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On-line Learning Journey


All children attending Cale Green Primary School Nursery and Reception classes have a personal on-line Learning Journey which records photos, observations and comments, in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage, to build up a record of the child’s experiences during their time with us.

We use Tapestry, a system which is hosted in the UK on secure servers. These servers conform to high environmental standards and are proactively managed 24 hours a day.

Each Tapestry account has its own database and the code itself is developed using hack-resistant techniques. Filenames are encoded for uploaded videos and images, making Tapestry a safe and secure on-line Learning Journey tool

Each child has his/her own secure Tapestry account. For children attending other settings or childminders in addition to Cale Green, we will seek parental consent to provide access for all those involved in the child’s learning, development and care to access Tapestry.

Once you have provided the school with an email address, we will be able to set you up with an account. We will give you information on how to view/use the child’s Learning Journey. If you do not have access to email, your child is still able to have an online Learning Journey, which you can access through the use of school computer equipment during specific dates throughout the year. It is also possible to provide print outs of the Learning Journeys.

Please note each parent only has access to their own child’s Learning Journey.

E-safety is extremely important to us at Cale Green. Therefore we ask you to sign the attached agreement to show that you understand and agree with our guidelines and the Image Consent Form.

If you have any questions or queries about the on-line Learning Journeys, please do not hesitate to ask.





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