Learning and Living Together


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Geography at Cale Green Primary School



At Cale Green, our carefully planned curriculum reflects the context of our school; the local area, the diverse community and the coming together of children from different backgrounds.


The content of our geography-based themes is a culmination of knowledge and skills from the National Curriculum combined with questions posed by the children as we ask them what they would like to find out about the focus location. This approach inspires children and creates a curiosity in the world around them, whilst giving them the opportunity to draw on their geography knowledge from previous years when building their questions.


By enhancing our children’s acquisition of new learning through cross-curricular links, rich quality texts and trips and visits, we ensure that our curriculum is accessible to all and believe that all children can achieve. Planning of lessons ensures that learning is continually revisited, not only from previous lessons, but previous year groups and key stages at the beginning of new themes. Through the use of metacognitive strategies including our whole school ‘Drama, Engagement and Active Learning Strategies’, we provide children with ample opportunity to retain contextual knowledge or ‘sticky learning’ and apply this to new learning. This provides children with ample opportunity to retain contextual knowledge of the location of globally significant places and apply this to new learning.


Our curriculum design provides children with opportunities and experiences to help equip them with the knowledge and geographical skills needed to transfer across different subjects and for use in later in life.


At Cale Green, we encourage and prepare children to become active citizens, ‘learning and living together’.

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