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Our Creative Curriculum

At Cale Green Primary School we are very proud of our curriculum and we strongly believe that it provides your child with the essential skills, knowledge and understanding they need to 'explore their potential''.

It is built upon 3 core principles which all interlink: The National Curriculum, including how we can enhance your child's learning through the local community, the Vision and Values of the school and, most importantly, the children and what they already know.  One of our curriculum’s greatest strengths is that it never stands still.  Year after year the teaching staff work hard to create new experiences and new ways of teaching which are tailored to the needs of your child; culminating in learning that is memorable, fun and integral to the next stage of their education.

Essentially, what we teach and how we teach it is all designed to give your child the best possible start in life:

‘…we want each and every child to leave Cale Green Primary School with resilience, empathy, a strong sense of equality and confidence at the core of everything they do…’

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