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Certificate of Progress Progression to Safety Online 

Schools can receive recognition for their commitment to developing e-safety, as evidenced by their use of the 360 degree safe self review tool. To receive the e-safety Certificate of Progress, the school will need to have completed at least two of the four elements of 360 degree safe. The Certificate of Progress does not suggest that a school is “e-safe”. It simply states that the school has, itself, reported that it has reached at least a basic level of e-safety policy and practice.


Certificate of Commitment Commited to safety online 

Schools can make a commitment to engage with the 360 degree safe self review tool as a means of reviewing practice and implementing actions that will improve e-safety at the school. Once registered to take part in the 360 degree safe process, the school will be able to download the Commitment to E-Safety Certificate form for signing by the Headteacher and Chair of Governors. The certificate does not suggest that a school is “E-Safe”. It simply states that you have made a commitment to review your practice through use of the online tool.

Schools that are able to show good practice in their e-safety policy and procedures can apply for the E-Safety Mark. The first step towards gaining the mark involves an online application to South West Grid for Learning and submission of a completed 360 degree safe self review in which the school has reached at least the benchmark level in all aspects (shown on the online tool).


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